Ramblers Association - St Helens Group

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St Helens Ramblers take lunch by the Ribble

What is involved in walking/rambling?

We have 3 or 4 rambles per month, either on a Saturday or Sunday.

Approximately half the rambles are based on the use of a private coach between St Helens to the starting point of the walk; the remainder are based on the sharing of private cars to the walks, which tend to be more local to St Helens.

The cost of a seat on the coach is £13 for members and £15 for non members (see "Important Info" for more details)

The actual walks generally last for 5-6 hours, including breaks. Most of the time, where possible, the rambles start and stop in the vicinity of facilities such as toilets, cafes, pubs and shops.

Up to 3 grades of walk are offered, and these are included in the Programme of Walks.
By and large grade A tends to be strenuous, grade B is moderate and C is fairly easy. Sometimes we are also able to offer D grade walks of 3 to 5 miles of easy walking.

St Helens Ramblers group welcome children at half price, provided the walk is deemed suitable for them. Please check with the walk leader before booking.